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Ozone is 51 times more powerful at disinfecting than Chlorine Bleach. It’s the second most powerful sterilant in the world and leaves behind no messy or dangerous chemical clean up. Ozone works 1200-3100 times faster (depends where you’re reading) than Chlorine Bleach with none of the mess or moisture left behind. Ozone, is O3 versus Oxygen which is O2 and is often called “activated oxygen”. Ozone is naturally unstable and when produced in industrial quantities it works to clean mold, bacteria, viruses (stink) and more from the air, cabinets and of course on surfaces – even ones that are hard to get to such as air and ventilation ducts. Simply put, this unstable molecule (ozone) seeks to balance or “right” itself. In doing so, it clings to airborne and even surface contaminants to not just cover up a bad odor but destroy it at a molecular level. It does so by pairing with other molecules – thereby changing their molecular structure. It changes what they are!!!

Ozone is used by the FBI, the NSA, Homeland Security, the United States Postal Service and more to destroy surface contaminants quickly with no collateral damage. Many hospitals use it to clean surgical rooms before surgeries and commercial kitchens use Ozone in both their cleaning water and their ventilation to stamp out food borne pathogens.

If you’ve ever tried Ozone with mixed to no results it’s because you failed to truly “shock” the environment. Unlike many store bought or rental Ozone Generators, my custom made Ozone Shocker outputs such a high volume of stink killing, smoke odor killing, germ killing, bacteria killing ozone… that you have to leave the property, remove the pets and plants and wait one hour after the 3-6 hour hour treatment before you re-enter the premises.

Ozone changes the molecular structure of your air. As a gas, while it runs throughout your home or business, getting into all the places a chemical spray can’t reach, it breaks down within a 30 minute time frame. It breaks down but can leave an ozone odor some people find unpleasant for hours to several days though it’s not common. Open the windows…

It’s also a good idea to run the industrial ozonator through your heating and cooling system where it can go to work destroying mold, fungus, smoke odors and other allergens in the hvac system (ventilation and duct work).

The University of Pennsylvania has proven that, in bursts of as little as 10 seconds Activated Oxygen or Ozone gas kills Bacteria, Viruses, Mold (and Mold Spores) and Odors a whopping 3,125 Times faster than chlorine!!!!!

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