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Oz-zilla... 64,000 Mg Machine

Oz-zilla… 64,000-100,000 Mg per hour Horizontal Ozone Cannon

If you’ve ever been outside after a lighting storm and noticed the air had a bleachy or metallic smell — that’s God’s own cleaner — ozone you’re smelling. Ozone is natural and dry,  1500-3000 times faster (depends where you read it) and 52 times stronger than bleach. One way Ozone is created is when electricity rips O2 in half.

It is true… there are a ton of ozone machines on the market for getting bad smells from your Oakland County, Greater Detroit Area Michigan home or business. Few of these Ozone Machines can claim the title of “Ozone Cannon”. Our machines don’t just send out a few grams of ozone a day. Our machines blast it out to get the job done properly, thoroughly and usually within just a few hours, depending on the smells in your home or business or viral / virus / bacteria concerns. In fact, they do it so well, we have to be sure to pull some outside air in when we’re done with our Ozone shock treatment. Our ozone machines don’t cover up smell like sprays do. Our machines destroy the odors in the air and on the surfaces in your home or business at a molecular level.

Ozone Blaster Cannons are definitely not designed to go in a kids bedroom or any living space / workspace, unless it is unoccupied.  These ozone units are designed and built to produce Shock Levels of Ozone that will completely destroy all nasty organic / biological odors and germs, viruses and bacteria.  Our customers use these powerful air purifying machines to eliminate odors from tobacco smoke, dogs and cats, vomit, skunk, house fires, mold and fungus spores in the air as well as Dust-Mites — even senior funk. Some pest control services are using Ozone to kill bugs, even termites. YES, levels of ozone this high can even kill bed-bugs!  Though, to be clear bed bugs typically require multiple tactics. Partly because they can hide, even from the ozone.

Our ozone is so strong it goes right onto carpeting, furniture, wall paper and paint to scour away the odors. In all candor though carpets wherein odors have seeped deeper into the fibers aren’t likely to be impacted by the ozone. In hotels, rentals and motels with the door shut they will completely deodorize a room in a matter of 15 to 30 minutes. They will kill any living organisms within just a few hours. The United States government uses ozone to kill terrorist bio-hazards – including anthrax.

Our Ozone Cannons are powerful industrial strength ozone air purifiers. These units are the only choice of well informed serious professionals for mold, mildew, odor and pollutant removals in homes, offices, motel rooms, clubs, pubs, basements, cars, boats, as well as for fire, flood and crime scene cleanup restorations.

Not to be confused with the cutesy daily air purifying ozone air purifiers or ionizers, these machines are thoroughbred workhorses specifically designed to produce 14,000-100,000 mg/hr of ozone for Unoccupied-Space High Ozone Shock Treatments™. By utilizing the most advanced Corona Discharge Technology and rigorous testing, these ozone generators are able to produce pure ozone with the most available oxidizers for effective disinfection, odor removal and sterilization. Collectively I can produce and broadcast enough ozone to bring levels to well over 200ppm in minutes. HIGH VOLUMES get the work done quickly and efficiently. Lower doses are pretty inadequate. This is one of those times where bigger is better and more is a good thing.

The University of Pennsylvania has proven that, in bursts of as little as 10 seconds Activated Oxygen or Ozone gas kills Bacteria, Viruses, Mold (and Mold Spores) and Odors a whopping 3,125 Times faster than chlorine!!!!!

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