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Ozone can destroy mold (which is a fungus) but the source material and the problem must be eliminated or it will come back. Professional mold remediation experts even fail to realize the importance of treating the air sometimes after they have gutted a home devastated by mold.  What many people don’t think about is the mold spores floating in the air, the air ducts and in a million other places are just waiting to start growing again.

The biggest benefit of using ozone for mold is that the airborne spores get neutralized when they come in contact with the ozone generated from industrial grade ozone machines capable of “shock treating” with high levels of ozone.

Recently a man called me to come out with my machines to treat his mother in laws condominium. He was using a hepa vacuum (smart) and wanted me to come out after he was done and run my machines. Once I came into the condo I could smell the mold. A trip to the basement and it was obvious the source. Yes, he gutted the entire basement but in spite of his best efforts I questioned the humidity. It was still damp. I recommended he run a dehumidifier and he said “well, it gets plenty of air from the vents down there”. Truth is, after treating with ozone, 90% of the smell was gone but if he doesn’t take my recommendation and run both a fan and a dehumidifier the problem will come back. Ozone is a great resource but like everything else, it is NOT a silver bullet. OH… the easy hack to making your humidifier 10x more effective is to point a fan (about 10 feet away) at it. It forces the process and saves you a ton of money on electric as dehumidfiers cost way more to run than a box fan. Now doing this, you can cycle it on and off throughout the week.

Finally, he told me he didn’t use a professional company to do the mold remediation. He said he threw everything out and gutted the basement but didn’t really “get into any chemical treatments and so forth”. The reason he didn’t use a professional mold removal company in Michigan is because he recognized it may stigmatize the property. He’s right, as a former real estate broker in the State of Michigan, I know the mold debacle gets pretty hairy but left unresolved, it can creep into neighboring properties and of course rooms.

Why do I share this story – because mold isn’t something you screw around with. You must solve the problem or it will come back to haunt you. Also know that a mold remediation professional, much like a doctor can give you a clean bill of health after doing a thorough job at your property. So, I hope this gets you thinking. Also, I want you to know that I only handle the Ozonation via Ozonator Rentals here in Michigan. I am not a professional mold remediation expert. Here is a chart from Glen Haege’s Website with Mold Experts listed. They are not likely cheap but getting Glen’s stamp of approval means they are probably excellent.

Mold Experts Michigan

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