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The metro Detroit area got slammed with over 5 inches of water in a matter of just hours. The ozone machines were busy helping people to control what could be a really bad situation. Not only were the basements in Royal Oak, Berkley, Warren, Madison Heights, Roseville and Troy in need of drying but they needed to be sterilized really well. Elbow grease is critical and Ozone can help too because it’s both DRY (unlike liquid chlorine bleach) but it is also 1300 times faster acting than chlorine bleach and gets into lots of nooks and crannies. Might I also add it’s 50 times more powerful than chlorine bleach. So, if you got hit with a flood in your basement consider that mold spores get airborne and into duct work as well. Running your furnace while the ozone is pumping can help kill airborne spores as well.

Remember you can’t rent machines anywhere near as powerful as mine at a rental shop. Mine put out from 14,000mg per hour to 100,000 mgs. This is industrial volumes of ozone allowing people to get done in 4-6 hours (and less) what would take a typical home rental unit weeks to accomplish. Have you got weeks to give up treating your home? Likely not especially because while an ozone machine is running you need to be out of the home along with the pets and plants.

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