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Have you ever seen those “air cleaner” ozonators at one of your favorite Michigan Retailers or even in a catalog? Well, you can run those until the cows come home and they will NEVER reach high enough ozone levels to effectively kill bacteria, mold or VOC’s. They are just not capable of producing enough Ozone to destroy the odors.

WHY? Well, ozone breaks down back into pure oxygen quickly and the smaller units just can’t affect enough air due to their low volume output to kill mold and bacteria. Mold and bacteria are persistent and they have to be brought to their death through suffocation and or a change at a molecular level. Only my high output 14-64 gram per hour ozone cannons can effectively do this.

Just one of my units alone can COMPLETELY SANITIZE an unoccupied room in under 30 minutes.

It should be noted Home Depot and Lowes rent machines but the output is really low. They do NOT rent Ozone Cannons. BB Guns… maybe but not Ozone Cannons.

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