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Yes, it’s a molecule thing… what happens is my ozone cannons suck in the oxygen molecule “O2”. The O2 is passed over highly charged electrical plates and in this process the O2 is shredded in half making O1. The O1 then floats off into the surrounding atmosphere and in an effort to stabilize binds with 02. This bonding creates O3 – also known as Ozone.

When Ozone encounters a germ or VOC (odor) it immediately begins to oxidize it, just like hydrogen peroxide on a cut. In fact ozone gas kills bacteria and mold 1200-3125 times FASTER than chlorine bleach! Why the range?? My answer is – I do not know. I’ve simply seen that spread online when Ozone data is shared. 1200 is the lowest I’ve seen. WHATEVER – it’s fast !

The University of Pennsylvania has proven that, in bursts of as little as 10 seconds Activated Oxygen or Ozone gas kills Bacteria, Viruses, Mold (and Mold Spores) and Odors a whopping 3,125 Times faster than chlorine!!!!!

Read this geek chat I found during some research as several scientists sung the merits of ozone over bleach in keeping their lab equipment germ free. Chat is HERE

The really neat thing is that within just a half hour of the machine being turned off, all that is left is pure Oxygen. The reason being, is that the singlet or “free radical” oxygen has a very short half-life. Or said another way it doesn’t last long and you’ll have a clean home, office or car without the messy and dangerous chemicals.

SIDE RANT on cat urine… and ozone…

I just hung up with a gentleman that runs a property management company here in Oakland County, Michigan. He had a property with cat urine issues and was wondering if I could provide an ozone solution to his cat urine odor problem. The short and long answer is NO. Cat urine is viscous, it’s oily. Though an ozone treatment might solve the problem for 30 minutes, the oily nature would have the little stinky odor molecules rolling around to expose a new surface area the ozone couldn’t “see” while treating it. So, while Ozone is a great solution to many odor problems, cat urine is not necessarily one. Don’t let any Ozone Machine Rental Company tell you differently. ONE EXCEPTION – short term ozone can change the atmosphere and make the cat urine much less noticeable. BUT – that’s short term odor control – at max a few days to a couple weeks.

The trick to solving the cat urine issue is in sealing it, or “encapsulating” the urine. A couple products that seemed to have great reviews was KOE – Kennel Odor Eliminator (though this is just a stripper, cleaner of the pet & urine odors.) And one that looked pretty interesting and safe for pets and encapsulates the odor is called – Nature’s Secret Weapon.

Good luck in solving your cat urine odor problems and remember if you need to rent an ozone machine here in the Royal Oak, MI area — I’d be happy to help.