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Ozone machines

Destroy Viruses, Odor and Bacteria

Ozone Cannons

20,000 mg per hour to 100,000 mg per hour !

Our Ozone Cannons are for rent. THEY crush the competitions. Working quicker and more thoroughly. Critical mass matters with ozone treatments and unfortunately the rental shops fall flat on providing enough volume to truly destroy organic compounds like ours do – period. From homes and apartments to large commercial facilities we can disinfect and deodorize your space quickly with no clean up afterward. Each quote is unique based on your needs and square feet being treated. If you want us to deliver and set up the machines in the tri-county area we can do that too. We simply put them on timers and pick them up the next day. NOTE: Depending on how long we are treating your area you may or may not be able to comfortably work in the room for several hours afterward. At times some clients being very sensitive to the ozone gas odor that lingers, have had to avoid the area for a week. I can not and will not guarantee whether or not it will bother you and or others in the space. My wife usually needs 36 hours after a treatment if say I run it in my kitchen. Me personally after a few hours it’s bearable. Studies say Ozone is unstable and though an odor may linger, the ozone gas itself breaks down in about 30 minutes.


Delivery is extra as shared on this page. Generally Speaking, pricing is as follows. Usually clients rent more than one and I give a price break on rental. BECAUSE – walls block ozone so multiple machines are important.

1) High Output Cannons 20-30,000 MGPH – $150 for 24 hour rental. 
2) Godzilla 50,000mg per hour – $175 for 24 hour rental. 
3) Grandpa Godzilla 100,000mg per hour – $200 for 24 hour rental.


Delivery & Set Up

I find often, a customer would just rather have me come and set the machines up. Though I am happy to meet up and give you a rough idea of what to do, I am aware that some people simply want me to do the set up so they feel it’s done properly. I charge one dollar per mile with a minimum of $50 dollars for set up and return pick up. So, for example if you live 12.5 miles from me in North Royal Oak per google maps, it would require me to drive 50 miles round trip for delivery and pickup 24 hours later. 12.5 miles on each leg of the trip = $50. In that instance there would be no extra charge beyond the $50.

I also have box fans I recommend and include in most rentals. The fans help to keep more air volume moving and add an element of mechanical action to the ozonation process by driving the 03 into materials and onto surfaces. Simply put, the fans help give you more bang for your buck. 

All rentals include an old school (but sturdy and simple to use) hand wound jacuzzi style timer. I’ll reccomend a time to you for your particular need. Overkill is NOT a good thing but sometimes it’s going to happen. Overkill means you probalby used so much ozone that your space will have a metallic / acrid odor that will take time to go away. One way around this is to run the machines more than once. AND truth be told if it’s an odor concern that might be the wisest move. If it’s to destroy viruses and bacteria it’s a one and done thing. 

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