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Ozone Machine Rental Phone

How can we reach you to rent your ozone machines?
The number to reach me for Ozone Rental Machines in Michigan – 

Why Does Ozone Work? (Check out my Ozone Videos Online at Youtube .
Ozone destroys stuff that needs oxygen to live – organic matter and if left too long inorganic matter. It is why ozone is used in crime scenes and even in mold remediation. In crime scenes it sterilizes the biological contaminants. In mold remediation if your contractor isn’t using ozone after “remediating” your mold problem then you better look for a new mold specialist. Even spraying can’t get into the nooks and crannies like our industrial strength Ozone cannons do.
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Is Ozone Unsafe?
Yes. If you hang around while my machines are running it can kill you. University studies say that within 30 minutes Ozone breaks back down to oxygen — it’s a molecule thing. For me I either hold my breath if I go in quickly after a treatment, wear a carbon filter mask OR wait one hour preferring to crack a couple doors and windows immediately.

Ozone Machine Rental Phone

Can I sleep in my home after an Ozone treatment?
It depends. Some people find it lovely, some find it difficult. I prefer to make sure all fans are running and moving air in my bedroom and if it was a heavy treatment assuming a window is open on a cool night no problem. My wife however struggles with it a bit. By the next day though it’s no problem. I have had people tell me they couldn’t sleep in their home for a week afterward. So again, it’s up to the person and their own sensitivities. University studies though (and i repeat) say within 30 minutes of a treatment the Ozone has broken down. My real life experience tells me it’s more like an hour sometimes 2 otherwise I can feel my throat get scratchy.
The number to reach me for Ozone Rental Machines in Michigan – 

Ozone Machine Rental Phone

Can Ozone Damage My Inorganic Stuff – Paintings, Furniture etc?
I’ve read so much information on this I can’t make heads or tails of it. I’ve never treated a home or building and had anyone complain later that it caused property damage. The truth is of course how would you really know the degree of impact anyhow? Just like being in the sun and 20 years later being diagnosed for skin xancer (I never give it a “c”). How would you really know when the damage occured?? So that is all out honesty. I do know of another study that said no material damage was noted until 16 contiguous hours of treatment had occurred. But here again… something was probably getting compromised in that 16 hours even at some undetectable level in hour 3 or 4 or 5 etc..
The number to reach for Ozone Rental and Odor Control in Michigan – 248-648-1669

Does Ozone ever fail to work?
NO but YES. How is that for a great answer? There is no magic pill to destroy every single kind of odor. One thing people want to believe and many ozonator contractors love to go along with, is that it’s a one stop shop for killing every smell imaginable. The truth is it will kill odors that are airborne and “surface” (not necessarily below the surface though) AND organic in nature. A good example is blood or urine soaked carpet or wood. After the ozone dies off (about 30 minutes after treatment), those microbes below the surface can start to make odor again. So, you have to remove the source. Often that odor source is in the ductwork. In the HVAC system and Ozone does a tremendous job of getting into your heating and cooling ducts but it can’t take the place of more powerful mechanical action – say a pro duct cleaner using brushes and vacuums in your hvac system. That’s a great first step BEFORE I come in.
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What about cigarette and cigar smells? Can Ozone get rid of these smells?
I have had clients tell me that the ozone treatments I use solved even walls covered in years of cigarette and/or cigar smoke but I never guarantee it. If it’s really bad, and your walls are covered in nicotine tar from years of smoking you will want to wash them down first. Also, pre-cleaning carpets will help or better yet replacing the carpets. Ozone can’t penetrate unless forced into, carpet padding and lower fibers because it can’t “see” it.
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Will it kill the smoke smell / odor in a car?
I do not treat nor rent my machines to people treating car odors at this time. Partly because the machines need to be outside the car during treatment to inhale fresh air. Try your local rental store for the lower output machines and KNOW you’ll have to leave your car running so ozone can be pulled into the car heating / cooling system and duct work.

Ozone Machine Rental Phone

What do I need to do to my home before you come out?
You need to remove people, pets and plants. I will bring everything else. Having fans running is really good too especially a furnace fan (without the heat on  – just the fan or a/c). The fans make the machines much more effective. Having your furnace blower fan on helps to sterilize your duct work and get the ozone through the entire home. I’f you’ve ceiling fans you’ll want them on “reverse” so they are pulling air up. ozone is heavier than air so we want to lift it whenever possible to maximize its potential to work. To reverse your ceiling fan simply look above the blades on the motor housing. There is a switch there you switch, to reverse the blades. You’ll know it’s on reverse if you don’t feel the air anymore under the fan. ALSO open all your drawers and closets. Often odors get everywhere, so you’ll want the ozone everywhere too.
The number to reach for Ozone Rental and Odor Control in Michigan – 248-648-1669

Are you a mold specialist?
NO! I have no certification in mold remediation of any kind. I can help destroy mold in the air and even on the surfaces but mold roots as much as an inch deep into walls. Call me if your mold guy doesn’t do Ozone treatments. I will come out right after he has left or even during the process of remediation to kill airborne spores. You need both of us to help solve your mold issues.

How much do you charge?
Click the pricing link at the top of this page.

How do you take payment?
Cash or credit card usually prior to delivery (emailed invoice) to reserve the machine for your scheduled time. I do not take checks unless it is from a commercial business. I prefer to just email you an online invoice and you pay with your credit card – Visa, Mastercard, Amex.

Do you guarantee the Ozone will solve my problem.
YES AND NO — if you commit to a package price for your particular odor problem I’ll commit to a guarantee. Simply put sometimes I know I’ll knock an odor down to say 50% or so but I recognize it’s really bad and might require a second or third treatment. It’s rare I do this but it can happen. So now instead of a 24 hour rental it’s going to be 48 or 72 hours.

I am always open and honest about whether it will work or not (my best guess based on experience and your situation). So if I end up doing a treatment for you, it is because we both agreed it was worth trying. If I am concerned once might not do it and I quote you a 2 or 3 treatment series… I’ll refund your money on 1/2 the total. WHY 1/2? Not all?? Because my machines wear out and because Ozone always work but it’s a matter of degrees. I won’t argue whether it worked or not because unlike a human being, Ozone can’t be lazy or not work… it always has some degree of effectiveness.

Ozone Machine Rental Phone
Call anytime to rent an ozone machine. I’ll answer if I can.

Who comes out… the owner or someone else?
Usually it’s me, the owner (Dan). I’ll introduce myself to you on the phone. OR in the instance of major floods or local catastrophes I may send a friend or family member out if I get too busy. 248-648-1669